21 Reasons Why I Love Blogging

I recently took an extremely long break from blogging and now that I am back I remember all the reasons why I love blogging. I am trying to get back into a normal routine, which has been somewhat of a difficult transition since I have so much going on right now. However, I am sure it will work out, it has once before. Nonetheless, I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why I love blogging so much, please tell me why you love it so much!

1] Without a doubt, blogging has made me into a much better writer.

2] I am already an organized person, but blogging takes that organization to a whole new level and new faucet.

3] I get to share my life with awesome people who accept me for who I am.

4] I love reading back on past posts to see my journey and how I have grown.

5] My blogging friends are some of the best encouragers in my life!

6] I love being creative, and my blog gives me space to do so!

7] It has forced me to find value in myself.

8] Blogging has allowed me to make a difference in people’s lives in ways I never would have been able to without my blog.

9] It is my own. No one tells me what to do, or bosses me around. I get to do whatever I want.

10] I do not follow any rules, I just blog because I love it. Ohhhh, and how I hate rules!

11] Blogging is so diverse – it can be done in so many ways. I love how the topic can change completely from day to day.

12] The people I have met are awesome. I don’t she is reading this but a certain blogger that helped me build my blog following in the beginning just recently wrote an amazing heartfelt and transparent post that has inspired me to tell my story. (Soon to come – When I am finally ready)

13] Blogging has helped me grow my online store significantly.

14] At my job, we are constantly building websites and coding, but my blog is fun and just for me.

15] I get so excited reading the comments that are posted on my blog. Aren’t people so sweet?!

16] The blogging community is a constant reminder that you are not alone. I was so touched to read the comments on my post about my dad (My Dad Was Tall ) that I actually started crying as I began scrolling down. It honestly is touching. I love those “me too” moments.

17] With blogging, you actually get out of it everything that you put into it.

18] Opportunities – I have been given opportunities that I would have never be given if it was not for blogging.

19] I love that I can get lost in reading other blogger’s posts.

20] Blogging has helped me appreciate my life. When something is written out in front of you, it is so clear how blessed your are.

21] I have learned what being transparent truly means, and it is so freeing.

What do you think? Why do you enjoy blogging?


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