What Type of NAV Developer are You?


The Resistor

– This guy is old school. He has been working with NAV since “the good old days”. He liked the DOS version best. He has never liked it since Microsoft took over – and he is a massive protester against the Role Tailored Client. For him it is all taking a step backward. A brilliant C/AL programmer, he is not interested in renewing and updating his skills. He will cling on to the old days until the end. Everyday he looks at his free Navision clock we all got sent many years ago – he didn’t throw his at the mermaids in Denmark like some people did. Apparently.

The Talker

– This guy has been around NAV for 3 to 5 years. He has heard a lot of people talking about problems and how they have fixed issues. However, they have not developed much C/AL or fixed many issues themselves. They talk a good game, and appear to know a lot, but when put under pressure they often come up short. Others will be blamed. The Talker does not last long in one job and moves around quite frequently – leaving a wake of dodgy, un-scalable and difficult to maintain solutions behind them.

Mr. Re-factor

– This guy has learnt all about programming from a book. He knows the theory inside out. Often heard saying phrases like “high cohesion”, “low coupling”, “modularity” and so on. Spends most of the time re-writing everyone else’s code. Much to their annoyance. Technically good, but finds it difficult to finish a task or get it to a level where he is happy for it to be delivered. Can quite easily turn 2 weeks work in to 3 months work. Nobody else understands it, and he hopes this gives him job protection.

The Buzz Worder

– This guy is a developer but should probably be in sales. They are an average developer, but they are more interested in buzz words. They like to mention these buzz words to the boss quite a few times. This causes a nightmare for other developers as the boss keeps asking for these buzz words to be made a reality. Currently The Buzz Worder can be heard saying “The Cloud”, “Dashboards” and “MVC”…

The Work Horse

– This guy works his ass off. He will put the hours in when he needs to. He is technically a very good developer and is dependable. He is someone you want to hold on to as he is a genuine asset to the company. You would feel the pressure without him. He is capable of finding solutions and can be trusted to implement them.

Mr. Keep His Head Down

– Sometimes you forget this guy is even there he is so quiet. He is a good developer and can be relied upon. You should really make more effort to speak to him, but as long as he has work to do he will get on with it ok. He is a bit of an enigma.

The SQL Boff

– This guy has heard of NAV but wants to do everything in SQL. Never happier than when he is seeing what keys can be removed from tables and whether or not he can change the settings of SQL. The SQL boff is not convinced by SERIALIZABLE and wants to use REPEATABLE READ. He often ends up locking the whole database so nobody can save their objects.

To be honest nobody is any of just one of the categories above. We will all pick up some of these traits from time to time. However, it is likely that you fall closer to one or two types than the rest.

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