Why Technology and Blogging Go Hand in Hand


Technology has brought us far from the early days of walking to school to even making money from blogging.   Most people don’t consider just how much technology and blogging impact us on a daily basis.

You wouldn’t think it but…

Technology is used daily just by taking your cell phone to work.   As I walk marketplaces, I see people getting out there cell phone to make a call or check something on the web.   Most people have smartphones, or Ipads to use while shopping or traveling.  As you probably drive you have some device telling you where you are going and how fast you are going.   This is the normal thing now a days unlike the years past.    We almost depend on technology a little two much!!

Mobile Blogging started with Twitter!

When Twitter started up in July 2006, most people didn’t know about micro-blogging or didn’t know there were places that you could blog.   It can be hard to understand why Micro-blogging became such a big hit.   It has to do with people wanting to connect to others who have the same interest.   You probably found my blog because you were told by someone about this blog or you just happened to come across my blog while searching for something.   If you curious how blogging has impacted Twitter all you have do is search on twitter and you will constantly get new tweets about blogging!  Most people like the challenge of coming up with comments that are 140 characters long.   I don’t know which ones the best but yet it always intrigues me how people do it in the first place.

People are always looking to get the newest Technology!

Most people who are looking for the newest technology will always check out blogs first because they want to be in cool crowd.  They are wanting the newest gadgets and isn’t something to laugh at.   Could people actually be addicted to the latest technology?   I think if we ask ourselves that question we would be in trouble.   So you really don’t have a choice in the matter we all want the newest toys so we can impress someone or make people jealous.   It just seems that is the way of the world right now.

Sometimes the Truth is hard to swallow!

I throw out the truths because we all need to think to our selves and ask this very important question “Do we really need that Gadget??”  I think if we answered that questions truthfully we would say no but we all know that we have our reasons weather to review a product or just because people recommend a product.  I recommend Amazon to all my friends and family, heck I will be working for them for the season just because of how well they have treated me.  So you see, I am in the same basket as everyone else.   I can’t help but want the newest technology but have to keep asking myself “Do I need it??”

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