Tap-Tap Revenge 4: Gaming Review

Tap-Tap Revenge 4 is an addictive music game which is perfect for music lovers of all ages. It contains a vast range of artists and tracks, and it’s a great, safe and enjoyable way to pass the time. It’s free and available for Apple, Android and most other touch screen mobile devices. The aim of Tap-Tap Revenge 4 The aim of the game is to catch the falling circles (notes) in the three lanes that appear on your screen. The secret to catching a note? Just tap it! A list of tracks will appear on your screen (you get more tracks as you advance in the game) and you have the option to chose one with which to play. As the songs starts, notes fall from the top of the screen. Tap as many notes as you can to achieve a bigger score. At the end of the game you’ll be given a final score. This is determined by many factors such as; your biggest combo, percent of notes caught, etc. Every song has up to four difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and extreme.

The harder the level, the more notes descend, and the faster they arrive. You’re rewarded (more rewards are given for better scores and difficulty) with items such as virtual coins, points, and new tracks. Your Tap-Tap Revenge 4 profile When the game’s downloaded you’re automatically given a profile and an avatar (you can personalize it gradually by buying new clothes and hairstyles with the virtual coins you’ll earn). You’ll also receive a notification every week offering a FREE track, no strings attached! This of course, is completely optional. You can also add others in your networking circles and ‘friend’ them on your game profile. (Note: the tracks on your profile have nothing to do with the music on your phone). Features of Tap-Tap Revenge 4

Many people play this game not only because of the social advantages proffered. The app is very popular among younger people, and the simplicity of the format is quite easy to get a hold of – even for technophobes. Some other features include:

The app itself is free and is widely available on several devices.

The ability to buy songs with money or just collect FREE songs each week (or when you ‘level up’).

The game is easy to use to fun to play.

You’re afforded the opportunity to listen to, and play with a range of songs even if you can’t afford to buy them.

Users are able to socialize with other players around the world who might have the same – or a very different music taste to themselves.

If tap tap revenge isn’t exactly your cup of tea, there are plenty of spin-offs from this app. Some of them are: Tap Tap revenge tour, Tap Tap Revenge 3, Tap Tap coldplay, Tap Tap dance and plenty more!

Have you downloaded this free app on your smartphone? What are some of the features you like best? Please share them with us.

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