You can send your music to Virgin Records AnR department using our record deal software. To do this go to the “Label Submit” in the software and look for the Virgin Records plugin as shown on the left and click on the “Submit Now” button.

We update our database all the time and we make sure we have the most up to date AnR email address in the software so your songs get delivered to the record label.

Virgin records were founded by a British entrepreneur named Richard Branson in the year 1970. It is famous in the world for its rock music. The success story of its founder depicts the journey of a man from rugs to riches and instantly grabs your attention.

Branson could be easily described as a witty and ambitious businessman who never feels shy of dreaming big and taking risks in life. He left school at a tender age of 16 and started a magazine named ‘Student’. Although he failed miserably in this venture and but he soon started a record store. He used his magazine to publicize this store and made good money in this. But this was too little for the aspirations of Richard who was now planning to own a record label for himself. This gave birth to a new record label “Virgin”, a name that signified the entry of set of new and naïve people to the music industry. The very first rock album launched by this group got international fame and adulation. It was “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield. It was succeeded by various other krautrock releases which also gathered public attention. But what actually established virgin records in the world market was the Sex Pistols in 1977. Sex pistols helped Virgin to become world leader in the recording world. After this there was no looking behind as bands like UB40, Peter Gabriel and the Rolling Stone entered into an association with virgin.

In the years to came Branson launched a number of subsidiaries of Virgin including Caroline Records (1973-1977; used for few American editions), Front Line Records or Virgin’s Front Line(included English and Jamaican reggae music;1973-1987), Dindisc Records(1980-81), Venture Records(for supporting modern classical music) to name a few. During the early years of its birth its American distribution rights were possessed by Atlantic records. Later the distribution was handled by Columbia records but not for very long as in 1980 again Atlantic(now called WEA) got these rights. Virgin records also launched its edition in Canada and created an independent company named Virgin Records Canada Inc in 1983. A similar step was taken in USA as well.

Finally in 1992 Branson had to sell away Virgin records to Thorn EMI in order to save his another business venture, Virgin Atlantic Airways. An interesting part of this contract was the clause that restrained Branson from launching any other recording company in competition with virgin in the next 5 years. Branson did follow the agreement for the span of five years after which he launched V2 records which now gives competition to virgin.

Anyway, in 2007 during the restructuring of EMI groups Virgin got merged with Capitol records. Virgin music is now an international brand operating in Germany, UK and France. Various famous artists and bands got signed with this group, including, the Spice Girls, We Are Scientists, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Chris Cagle

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