How to Prepare A Survey of Physics


One of the most difficult exams in science is surely to Physics. This subject always arouses so much apprehension in the students, who often do not know how to approach it effectively to it. This is often due to the magnitude and difficulty of the subject, which can create problems even the most talented students and self-confident. Now let’s see some guidelines and tips to prepare for the exam of Physics effectively. Before studying Physics must first be clear about some concepts of Mathematical Analysis 1 , especially the part about the limits , the derivative and integral . Without such knowledge, pass the examination could become a utopia! Let’s talk about How to Prepare A Survey of Physics.

Theoretical part

In physics, one of the major problems encountered by the student is definitely the study of formulas, but with a good plan to study everything could become easier. Now let’s see some useful advice:

1. In physics, as in all other matters, the organization of your time will be crucial. Then drafted a weekly program, dedicating a set time in the study. 2. Carefully read page after page, trying to understand the theory, above and memorizing formulas and the laws of physics. 3. If a law is accompanied by a demonstration, try to put in writing the theorem on a sheet, trying to solve it as if it was an exercise. 4. Carefully read the notes: the teacher may have added something and may have highlighted concepts that should be considered in view of the examination. 5. Repeat concepts with logical reasoning and NEVER by heart!

Part Practice

First focus on the practical part, remember to do the exercises in physics is first important to study this subject in a logical and methodical. As said before, we must be clear basic topics of Mathematical Analysis 1. The concepts of physics must be understood, because each exercise provides an argument that can be made only if the concepts are clear. Here are some useful tips:

1. At first, I recommend you perform simple exercises in order to assimilate the most of the basics. That done, you can move on to more complex exercises, in order to verify the understanding of the laws governing the various phenomena. 2, In order for a physical exercise is done in the right way, we must first read the whole text of the problem, outline the data provided, list the unknown to find. 3. You must seek physical formulas useful to solve the problem in the text. 4. According to the reasoning place, formulating equations and check that the result and the units are consistent.

However, in the study of physics, theory and practice have to “work” jointly. As regards the exercises, it would be appropriate to have a computerization with problems already carried out (especially old exams), which have to be used in conjunction with the annexed theoretical part, so as to see and learn in real time the practical application of the rule . Obviously, for the oral, the first suggestion is to read and repeating aloud, learning definitions and especially the technical terminology of matter, from which depend much of the final grade.

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