American Civil War Resources for Android Tablets

Android tablet computers offer four great ways to learn about the Civil War: Civil War News Apps, War Game Apps, and Books. If you have an Android Tablet, Nook Color, or Kindle Fire, apps, books, and video can converge on your device to deliver and amazing amount of knowledge about the American Civil War.
Civil War News Apps. If you are interested in a day-by-day account of the War Between the States, the American Civil War Gazette by Richard L. Vinyard offers a collection of newspaper articles from selected newspapers from the North and South. Every day, the app presents a selection of articles covering the events that occured on that day 150 years ago during the Civil War. While publications lagged behind events in the 19th century, the App brings Internet era currency by publishing the relevant articles 150 years after the date the events occurred. While the basic app is free, readers can purchase “extra editions” that have more articles and more detail about the most important dates.

Wargame Apps. It’s one thing to read a daily digest of history and quite another to intervene in history yourself. However, war game apps from DK Simulations allow tablet owners to do just that. Wargame 1st Bull Run and Gettysburg 1863 allow players to take command of either the Union or Confederate forces in a major historic battle. The apps are turn-based war games that use hex maps of the battlefields. Forces consist of infantry, artillery, and cavalry. You can play against the computer or pass your device back and forth with a live, human, opponent.

Civil War Books. Of course, it helps to know a little about the Civil War, War Between the States, or War of Northern Aggression before you assume command as a general. Fortunately, lots of e-books are available on the Civil War. I’ve found that Barnes and Noble offers plenty of books on the subject. There are a number of free books on the topic, noteworthy history books, biographies, and novels set in the Civil War. For $19.99, you can get three masterpiece novels of the Civil War by Jeff and Michael Shaara: Gods and Generals, Killer Angels, and The Last Full Measure. For absolutely free, you can get the first person recollections of a Confederate veteran George Baylor in From Bull Run to Bull Run: Four Years in the Army of Northern Virginia.

Civil War Videos and Movies. As an internet-connected device, many online videos and movies about the Civil War are available to Nook users. A quick search of YouTube reveals many Civil War documentaries, re-enactments, and movie clips. On an Android tablet, you can read about the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and then see them march into battle in clips from the classic Civil War movie, Glory.

While the War Between the States occurred 150 years ago, Android tablets allow this history to live on in new and exciting ways.

Glory (1989 film),